Hadleigh Parkes column: Wales Robocop jibes and getting ready for Fiji

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Wales center Hadleigh Parkes reveals why team-mates happen to be calling him Robocop after the World Cup discusses exactly what the squad have been around in Otsu triumph over Australia and looks against Fiji.
You may have noticed I have been piled up a lot lately to help with unique accidents, so that the boys have been giving me stick, saying that I look like Robocop.
Ive got my hand, my forearm, my left elbow and my forearm all strapped up, so its absurd how much tape Im using right now.
I want to get rid of it because Im beginning to seem as half man.
Nevertheless, the issue is the fact that it helped me to get through our game against Australia last Sunday, and to receive the win was great.
I had broken a bone in my hand and the hand was pretty tender but it did not affect me a great deal.
Our team is one of the very greatest there is, directed by Prav Mathema. Im seeing them each day, every single day talking to them, and they are looking after me very well.
The hand is no worse than it had been and it is actually moving quite well.
It is amazing what the human body and brain can do when youve got an injury.
Say you do not utilize it for fourteen days and something breaks, youattempting to leave it andre just waiting on your throw.
But while you use your own body when its injured, you get accustomed to it and your headspace gets better and better. I really dont feel it as much .
Australia was a huge game for us and also a huge game for the Wallabies too.
We have been at the end of some narrow defeats against them over time, however, the few times we have managed to find the win.
It was fine to receive a try although the boys were giving me a bit of stick for this also, stating they have no idea just how Marika Koroibete was outjumped by me.
To nothing you have got a chance with a penalty benefit but also you would like to make a group cover. Fortunately I had been on the wing and also Biggsy [Dan Biggar] put in a kick that is wonderful and I managed to grab hold of it.
Our start was super – Biggsy using all the drop-goal following Aaron Wainwright and Ken Owens did well in the breakdown, and the attempt.
Everyone place a enormous change in although the second half got a bit stressed and it is just great to get two wins.
I assemble their way to it and then dont know if there has been a change of mindset however something I have always been told is that Wales are slow starters in tournaments.
But you dont need to be stuck in that blueprint, chasing the pack.
Within this championship, wed Georgia. Theyre a team that is difficult but we started well and was the bonus point.
And that means you need to get that mindset that you are likely to outscore them , not simply defend then in the Australia game, they had needed a turnaround than people and theyre a team that can score points.
To be just two is great – .
We have set ourselves in a position that is fantastic, so lets take advantage of that to our pool and maintain building excellence.
And were not losing sight of the danger when they are faced by us Wednesday that Fiji will attract.
Theres ability across that backline and they are large, physical men with a skillset that is impressive.
We saw them beat Georgia and we all are aware that its likely to be a challenge, but we are looking forward to it since thats what you need – before what will probably likely be tough matches those hard games later in the tournament.
We jumped to Otsu from Tokyo, where weve been having a little downtime the afternoon after we conquer Australia.
Its totally different to Tokyo. I believe if wed had three days off from Tokyo, that it would have been dangerous!
I heard it was occupied and it had been – people everywhere, a quick speed of life, everyone, great food really friendly, and it is relatively easy to go around.
We found several fine places to eat and also a few fantastic coffee shops, which readers of the column will understand is quite essential for your boys.
It had been Jonathan Davies taking the lead, In regards to finding those areas. He also follows a load of balances Instagram, writes down what he likes and ticks off them when we see them.
I believe thats a way to travel, especially when you visit places you dont understand.
At the end of the scale, then theres Otsu.
We had a few days off once we got here, that was required after a short turnaround between plus two demanding games against Georgia along with Australia.
In which our hotel looks over the lake, Its been fine here in Otsu as well as the individuals have been very friendly.
Off the days were idle. A couple people went. Im more of a sea fisherman generally but we managed to grab a few small ones.
The sun was out so that the shirts were away – !
We moved to Kyoto a day too, so it was interesting to have a look at the temples, the history and temples and things like this.
It has really been quite a nice, pleasant to escape from the city and chilled – but we are here to do a job.
We had been straight back in practice to it, and we had been looking just like a Monday, the beginning against Fiji at it.
Hadleigh Parkes spoke to BBC Sport Wales Dafydd Pritchard.
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