Antonio Brown: Oakland Raiders planning to suspend wide receiver after incident with GM

The Oakland Raiders are planning to suspend receiver Antonio Brown on Wednesday Following an Episode with manager Mike Mayock, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

A letter had been submitted by brown on media of a fine he received from the group – delivered by Mayock – afterwards he missed clinics while resolving a dispute. The film had been accompanied with the words:”When your own team wish to despise.”
Based on Schefter, the Instagram post of Brown led to a market, which will result in additional discipline.
Brown’s bizarre pre-season started with him overlooking practices after suffering frostbite from penetrating a system.
Since the helmet he had was deemed secure by the group Then he threatened to quit the NFL, but ultimately returned to practice after losing the grievances filed against the NFL.
It is now unclear what suspension Brown, that had been obtained against the Pittsburgh Steelers for third party and fifth-round picks this summer will be handed to by that the Raiders.
Oakland kick off his season with a home game against the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football, live on Sky Sports at 3.20am on Tuesday morning.

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